New Morrisons in Great Park

New Morrisons in Great Park

Yesterday, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the brand new Morrisons in Great Park just before its grand opening today. This store is poised to become an incredible asset for the local residents, providing not only a vast selection of products, but also fostering a sense of community with its thoughtful amenities.

Morrisons, Great Park

From the outset, I was thoroughly impressed with the staff at this new Morrisons. Esther, their Community Manager, has been a tremendous help to me and the team at GPCC (Great Park Community Centre). She has gone above and beyond to ensure that our collaboration is seamless and enjoyable.

Moreover, the store is under the experienced guidance of Ian, the Store Manager. With over 37 years of experience working within Morrisons, it’s safe to say that this new location is in highly capable hands.

Esther, the community champion visiting local facilities ahead of the opening

What sets this Morrisons apart is its wide range of services and products. Not only does it offer the essentials like a butchers, bakers, and fishmongers, but it also houses a sit-in café, clothing section, and an impressive selection of alcohol. I was personally wowed by the variety and quality of the items available.

One additional feature of this store is the community room, which can be used by local residents and groups free of charge. This demonstrates Morrisons’ commitment to fostering community connections and providing valuable resources for the people of Great Park, something we can very much link up with at GPCC.

Some goodies from Morrisons Café in GP

It’s been quite some time since the area has seen a development like this, and I can’t wait to become a regular shopper at this Morrisons. It’s evident that the store has been thoughtfully designed with the needs of the residents in mind, making it the perfect addition to our community.

Raising money for together for short lives at GPCC

This brand new Morrisons in Great Park is more than just a grocery store; it’s something the residents here have been craving for some time and is a vital part of the new (ish!) estate. Be sure to check it out and see for yourself.


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