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Rachel, the founder of The Well House Therapy, has been teaching classes in Great Park for 14 years.

The are varied for different demographics including Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal Pilates and Baby Massage. With a passion for expanding her knowledge and expertise, she has obtained additional qualifications in various areas such as Pilates for Runners, Pilates for Menopause and Pilates for osteoporosis.

Rachel Ferguson teaches a variety of specialist classes within Great Park


Rachel takes pride in the loyal client base she has built over the years. She believes in taking the time to get to know her clients and creating a varied and challenging experience for them. During the lockdown, her clients showed their unwavering support by attending her classes via Zoom, recommending her to others, and a full attendance returning to her classes once restrictions lifted.


When it comes to teaching, Rachel emphasises the importance of client retention and ensuring each person feels invested in. Safety is also a top priority, and she considers any health problems when planning her lessons.


One of Rachels classes at Great Park Community Centre

Aside from her work, Rachel loves the Great Park area, with its beautiful walks and bike paths, and spotting the deer and other wildlife. She enjoys walking each day and is excited to see the development of local businesses in the area. Rachel’s passion for her work and dedication to her clients have earned her a loyal following in Great Park. Her advice to others is to prioritise client retention and safety, and take the time to get to know and understand the people you work with!


Rachel’s passion for teaching and helping her clients is what makes her a remarkable fitness instructor. If you are interested in attending Rachel’s classes or learning more about her services, you can contact her at



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